Technology and IP Transactions

Companies require technology to thrive in a competitive marketplace. We help them acquire, implement, integrate and optimize technology. Our clients range from early-stage startups to publicly traded companies.

We start by structuring and negotiating transactions to meet our client’s business objectives. We understand that protecting the client, achieving key outcomes and saving money all have to be balanced.
Cuyler & Tufts is different because we are business oriented in our approach. Our first question with respect to any new transaction is, “What are your business objectives?” We help our clients achieve those objectives and strive to do so economically; we focus, in part, on pricing terms, with the goal of achieving savings that, in many cases, are exponentially greater than our efficient fees.

Using interest-based negotiations, we build a long-term relationship between the client and the technology provider while:
  • aligning expectations to avoid ‘surprises’;
  • building out the deal further, because that is almost always needed; and
  • helping to efficiently complete the transaction.
Technology often makes, or breaks, the underlying business case. We help clients understand and address the risks and rewards for a particular transaction.
We have handled almost every technology transaction imaginable. A few of our recent prior transactions include:
  • Technology licensing;
  • Numerous artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics deals.
  • Cloud solution deals (content platform, ERP, CRM, HR, call center and others);
  • Software licensing (both enterprise and cloud);
  • Intellectual property transactions and strategy;
  • Joint development arrangements;
  • Strategic alliances;
  • Consulting services;
  • Implementation, configuration and integration services;
  • Maintenance and support services;
  • Data migration;
  • Shared services / inter-entity agreements;
  • UI/UX design agreements;
  • Hosting and data center arrangements;
  • Customized website terms of use and privacy policies;
  • Co-marketing agreements;
  • Distribution, manufacturing, and supply arrangements; and
  • Application development and portfolio maintenance.
If you are interested in learning more about our technology transactions practice, please contact Devin Cuyler or Alyson Tufts.

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