Outsourcing is often essential. Our clients rely on strategic outsourcing to focus on their core competencies, gain flexibility, make improvements, and spur growth.

We have over 20 years’ experience with complex outsourcing deals and have helped clients in an almost endless combination of services.

With outsourcing, we know both the current legal parameters to get deals closed efficiently and the key business terms needed for a successful long-term relationship. We focus on:
  • Scope and quality of services;
  • Flexibility for the client, as business environments and regulations are dynamic;
  • Management of the service provider through a governance model; and
  • Driving practical cost savings.
Our goal is to help navigate these waters by providing clients with practical business advice and helping to build a relationship between the vendor and the customer. Ideally, the sourcing arrangement clarifies processes and interactions between them and with third parties, that has a clear and predictable cost structure, and that allows for client growth and flexibility as circumstances change.
We have helped clients in a wide variety of arrangements, including:
Information Technology Outsourcing
  • Data Center
  • Network
  • Servers
  • Database
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Web
  • Device Support
  • Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • Service Desk
  • Managed Print Services
Business Process Outsourcing
  • Call Center
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Claims Processing
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Benefits Administration
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain / Procurement
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate
In doing all these deals, we have gotten to know the main service providers really well, including:
  • Accenture;
  • Capgemini;
  • Concentrix;
  • Conduent (formerly Xerox/ACS);
  • Dell EMC;
  • Deloitte;
  • DXC (formerly CSC and HP Enterprises);
  • HCL;
  • IBM;
  • Infosys;
  • TCS; and
  • Wipro.
Our processes are designed to align expectations quickly and reduce the transaction timeline. We do this by helping our clients at all stages of the outsourcing life cycle:
  • At the initial stage, we help determine what functions to source, identify interdependencies, and how to allocate sourced functions among multiple service providers (if desired);
  • At the procurement stage, we help develop the RFP and related documents that map the client's business needs, performance indicators, and other goals into agreement-ready form to condense the negotiation cycle;
  • At the negotiation stage, we lead interest-based negotiations and help align expectations; and
  • Thereafter, we provide ongoing advice and renegotiation assistance (as needed) to clients who are already in outsourcing arrangements.
Our practice helps clients successfully navigate these waters to allow them to achieve service delivery improvements, increased flexibility, and cost efficiencies.
If you are interested in learning more about our outsourcing practice, please contact Devin Cuyler or Alyson Tufts.

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